Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No go on Eggos

From CNN Money ...

Better hoard your Eggos!
Grocery stores will be experiencing a shortage of the waffles until mid-2010 due to problems at two bakeries, a Kellogg's spokeswoman said on Wednesday.
Flooding at an Atlanta bakery during heavy rains in October forced Kellogg, which makes Eggo products, to shut down production temporarily, said company spokesman Kris Charles. Plus, equipment at Kellogg's largest waffle facility, based in Rossville, Tenn., needs extensive repairs.

And if you like canned pumpkin on your waffles, you're really in trouble, LOL!
Not that I like to see a business having problems, but ... unless there's something magical about this brand ... hasn't it occured to anyone to just make their own? Or try another brand?


Maggie said...

The question is, do these bakeries make the house brand frozen waffles for Meijers or Kroger? Then I will be in trouble.

DW said...

Now that's a good point!

Treva said...

LOL So right on with that! That reminds me... I need to add waffle maker to my Christmas list. I've been wanting one for about 6 months now.