Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catching up

We used the wonderful weather over the weekend to catch up on yard work and a few other get-ready-for-winter chores.

Ever notice how one job leads to another? Some of the insulated window glass had to be replaced. (yep, let's watch the $$$ fly out the window) The new glass had to be cleaned, of course. And that's when I began to notice things, like:
  • Oh yeah, the curtains really need to be washed; and

  • Oh, crud, I really need to caulk around this window; and

  • Oh %@@!!, I'll need to do some touch-up painting by the caulk.

See what I mean?


Jackie said...

LOL. DW somethings just seem to lead into others. Hope the weather is still nice for you. Here it is starting to get cool once again.

God bless.

Treva said...

Being a new homeowner I'm just starting to experience what you're talking about. We have a list of things to do in or around the house and it will literally be years before it's all done. But each time I notice a new something to add to that list another new something seems to be attached to it.