Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reclamation project: Mending

I've let my mending and patching projects go lately, and the basket is overflowing.

Most of it seems to be DH's pants ... he tends to put holes in the knees, and in a couple of cases, there are holes above the first patches I put on!

I don't have anything in my material stash that would make a proper patch, so I've done the next-best thing -- cut up a few pairs of worn-out pants and shorts in (close to) matching colors.

So far, I've managed to reclaim 3 pairs of pants that DH can wear around the house, or for work outside.

I suspect the patches are going to outlast a couple of pairs, LOL!


Heather said...

I'm impressed at your resourcefulness, good for you! Your hubby must be a very hard worker;)

DW said...

He has been working pretty hard this summer .. I think one of the trees has it in for him, though. It keeps snagging his pants and shirts!