Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reclamation project: Blanket

I have one of those Velux blankets ... that's the velour-like material that has a foam backing. The material makes a very warm and snuggly blanket. But it also has one drawback: After a couple of years of use, it falls apart.

And that's just what happened when I washed said blanket. It came out with a big hole in the bottom. (Not to mention the #%!% mess in the washer. Ugh.)

I trimmed off the damaged part ... about 5 inches, which made it too short for the bed. My first plan was to buy a new blanket and shift this one to the guest room. But I don't need another blanket for that bed. And it is very warm.

So I decide to sew a new piece of material on the bottom. (Who's gonna see it under the bedspread, right?) One problem: Can't find Velux at the fabric shop. But the clerk had a suggestion: How about fleece? It's close in texture and warmth. And it doesn't unravel, so no need for a hem.

And luckily, it was on sale. I bought 1/3 of a yard for the grand total of $1.50.

Now it's a good thing that this is under the bedspread. Believe me, this is no testament to my sewing abilities! Both of these materials tended to slide: I spent a lot of time just keeping the needle on track. I also should have paid more attention the nap on each side when I pieced the material.

But it worked out. And the blanket is saved for another season! And if it falls apart in the next wash, I'll just cut off the fleece and make a pad for the cats to sleep on!


Jackie said...

Wow, DW that is a fantastic idea. I have a blanket that is getting a bit tattered on the end....going to give this a try. Thanks!

God bless.

Treva said...

The woman's group at my church just made a bunch of fleece blankets for a children's home. Super easy -- no sewing -- just cut and tie! I'm going to make one for my DD at some point that blue and orange, her school colors, so she can cover up at the games with it. I love fleece, so warm!