Thursday, October 1, 2009

Garden report: Running out of time

The garden season is coming to a close, and things are moving along more slowly than I'd like:

I've been harvesting tomatoes, but I still have close to 2 dozen green ones on the vines.

The peppers are getting bigger, but the red ones haven't shown any signs of ripening. I did pick my first yellow pepper over the weekend!

The beans are slowing down. I suspect there will be one more good pick before it's time to let them go.

My fall crop of lettuce is growing nicely. I planted new cilantro, and I'm seeing tiny shoots in the pot!

October means that I must pay close attention to the weather reports .. especially those overnight lows. First frost here is traditionally around Oct. 14. Last year, it was late. This year, the weather's been so odd that I have no idea what will happen.

So I'll watch ..


Heather said...

What lettuces do you plant? Are you able to harvest them once it starts to frost? I'm thinking about planting some lettuces, but never have this time of year.

DW said...

It's a leaf lettuce (I think it's black seeded simpson). I plant my lettuce in pots, so I can just haul it into the house once frost arrives.
It's my first time planting lettuce in the fall, so I'm excited to see that something's actually growing!