Monday, October 5, 2009

Bargain bin

I'm doing the happy dance over a ground beef deal! (I know, I must get out more, LOL!)

The local supermarket had a 1-day sale on various meats, including $1.18lb ground beef and 88-cents lb ham. Unfortunately, they were out of ham (but I got a raincheck).

So I got 3 lbs of the beef and decided to use the $1 off any purchase Discover coupon. Also got my 5 cents credit for bringing a reusable bag. My total was $2.48 .. about 83 cents a pound!

And a couple of other deals:
  • Baking alert! Fleichman's yeast is going on sale at some stores. In this week's insert, there's a coupon for 40 cents off any strip or jar. If your store doubles, you can get a strip of yeast for next to nothing. Also, Meijer is giving coupons for 50 cents off your next order with every strip you buy. Kroger did it last year, and may be doing it again.
  • Go to SmartSource and print out the $1 Bumble Bee tuna coupon the other bargain bloggers are talking about. I found them for 99 cents at Meijer .. so free tuna. (I've never tried tuna in a pouch .. hopefully there's more to it than in cans these days.)

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