Saturday, September 12, 2009

Prices going down?

From an Associated Press story:

Food prices are dropping on some key items as retailers slash prices to better compete and food makers do more promotions and pass along savings from lower ingredient and gasoline costs.

Prices for dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables and bread have all fallen.

Safeway Inc. recently announced lower prices on milk, eggs, cheese and other basic items. Whole Foods Market Inc. says low prices on produce, such as organic berries, has meant significant savings for shoppers.

And Costco says prices are down on items from paper towels to prime-cut meat.

Well, personally, I'm not quite ready to wave that banner. I have noticed cheaper dairy and veggie prices. But it's also the season for fresh fruits and vegetables, so prices are bound to go down (and frankly, they're not going down that much for some items. )

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