Thursday, September 10, 2009

A not-so-soft dilemma

Perhaps it's just as well that I don't accept products for review ....

There's a new product out that takes the place of softener sheets. It's a bar that attaches to your dryer drum, and it's supposed to take care of your clothes-softening needs for a few months. I received a high value coupon, which, combined with a sale, made it pretty cheap.

I was a bit worried that attaching the product on the dryer drum could leave a sticky mess. So I looked it up on the Web to see what folks were saying.

Boy, howdy! Folks had plenty to say!

I saw many complaints that A) the entire holder falls off the dryer drum after the first couple of uses; B) the softener bar falls off (and either breaks into lots of pieces and melts or just melts into a big ball.)

Wow. While I like to make my own decisions about things, I don't really want to risk a big mess in my dryer, either. I think this one goes back to the store.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I have seen this advertized and thought about buying one for my drier. Thanks to your research I am not even going to look at it.

God bless.