Friday, September 4, 2009

My shopping challenge

Since we're dealing with a pay cut, I've been looking at places where I could shave off a bit of $$.
The easiest place: Groceries.
My average spending has been around $50 a week for the two of us. Probably a bit generous, but a lot of that has gone into super-stocking our pantry (to help cut down on eating out.)
Since the pantry is looking good (actually crowded), it's time to cut back. So I decided to limit my weekly spending to $35-$40.

So far this week, I've spent:
Kroger trip 1: $13.07 (took advantage of the mega sale and some good coupons.)
Kroger trip 2: $4.90 (my neighborhood store was out of on-sale chicken breasts)
Meijer: $9.55.

Total: $26.52. whoo hoo!

I'm hoping to hold it here: Right now, I don't need anything that can't be put off till next week. Though what usually happens is that we run out of something vital, LOL!

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