Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help! I'm trapped and can't get out!

I have discovered a sure-fire way to prevent myself from going out to spend any $$$: break your garage door.

For the past week, the door's had a little jump, or skip, when it opened or closed. Because of a few other commitments, we couldn't schedule the repairman right away.

Well, we should have paid attention. DH -- fortunately -- had left for work, and I was going to do some grocery shopping. Hit the button, the door starts to lift, then CHAANG! It stops. I disconnect the opener and try to lift the door manually. Nope, it's like an unseen hand is holding it down.

Oops ... at least it was stuck closed.

Update: Turns out the door bearings were shot. Cost to rescue my car: around $190.


Mark and Amy said...

Ouch, That hurts!

Jackie said...

Ouch, hope that your garage door lasts for awhile now.

God bless.