Friday, September 18, 2009

Garden report

Things are looking a bit better here garden-wise.

A run of warm weather and a bit of plant food have goosed the bell peppers into producing. My purple pepper plant now has 5 fruits!

The tomatoes are ripening. I have more Romas than slicers, but that's OK. The harvest will still be below last year's. (Shouldn't complain. One of my relatives says their tomatoes were wiped out by a blight.)

The green and wax beans continue to produce like champs! I've filled a couple of gallon bags for the freezer.

I harvested some onions ... I'd thrown an onion gone bad into a deep pot, and the result was 3 small bulbs. Potent, too. I sliced them for cucumber salad and had a good cry!

I've also planted some lettuce in hopes of a fall crop. Never tried that before, so I hope my timing isn't off.


Jackie said...

Our garden is slowly winding down. Heat in the high 80's has played havoc with the cucumbers and eggplant.

I an actually looking forward to not having garden produce to put up soon.

My freezer is full, I am giving things away and my frugal heart is breaking that no one else wants any.

God bless.

DW said...

Jackie, if I lived anywhere near you, I'd be happy to take your produce! Unfortunately ...