Sunday, September 27, 2009

Coupon alert

Check your Sunday paper for an interesting coupon: If you buy a 12-pack double roll Northern TP, you get $4 off a 6 or 8-roll package of Brawny paper towels. (This on a page of the paper .. not part of the inserts)

Might be worth waiting to see if there's a sale on one or both products. In my area, the smaller pack of Brawny is running around $7-$8 regular price.

Speaking of paper towels, some joker over at Meijer replaced all the single rolls of Bounty Basic with 2-roll packs -- at a higher price, of course.

I'm also not seeing the "green" Marcal towels. Not that I ever found any of the freebie single rolls, but the $1 off a 2-roll pack paired well with a sale.

Who knows, I may be forced into using rags exclusively. LOL!

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