Friday, August 7, 2009

July freebies

It started off as a good month, but tailed off a bit.

2 Bic Soeil razors (FAC)
1 Great Value cereal bar
1 Crest ProHealth
1 Tampax
1 Zone bar
1 Vaseline Intensive Care
Old Spice body wash
Hefty 1-zip gallon bags (FAC)
Hefty 1-zip quart bags (FAC)
DiGiorno flatbread melt
2 Reach floss (FAC)
Poise pad
2 McDonald's mochas
Nineva body wash
Bodycology lotion


Jackie said...

Hmm. I think you did pretty good on the freebies. I am still waiting for the samples that I ordered at the beginning of July. Perhaps they are lost in the mail.

God bless.

DW said...

Maybe not Jackie ... it usually takes 6-8 weeks for a lot of this stuff to show up...