Friday, August 28, 2009

Deals: Is it Christmas already?

Must be, since CVS is giving stuff away. If you've signed up with them, watch your e-mail for a coupon offering a free gift. Mine is either a bottle of hand soap or a package of nuts. It would be interesting to see if everyone has the same offer.

Other deals:

Yoplait is offering a coupon for a free Yo-Plus yogurt. if you send in a UPC and receipt from Dannon's Activia. Go to

Dannon's also offering coupons if you buy at least $15 in products. You'll need a receipt and possibly the lids or UPCs to prove you bought the stuff. Go to

YMMV, but I'll pass. I'm not going to buy $15 in yogurt to get $3 in coupons, especially when there are high-value coupons in this Sunday's paper.

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Jackie said...

DW, like I have said before. You guys get the best deals!

God bless.