Saturday, July 25, 2009

Use it up: What's for dinner?

Since I keep going on about cutting our food waste, thought I'd list a recent week's worth of meals, and how we're trying to cook ahead and incorporate leftovers into our meals:

Broiled chicken breasts with cajun seasoning. (We cooked 6 breasts with the idea of using the rest later.) Served with mixed veggies and couscous left from dinner the day before, plus fresh green beans from the garden.

Breakfast: Grilled Treet (canned meat) and eggs with fresh melon

Dinner - we went out

Chicken pot pie, using 3 of the chicken breasts. Cajun chicken breasts make for spicy pot pie! (leftovers were frozen for work lunches)

Chicken pizza (and DH added some Treet .. which I didn't notice.) Sauce was jarred spaghetti sauce, with green peppers from the freezer.) Crust was made in the breadmaker. (extra slices were frozen for work lunches)

Pasta, using the rest of the jarred spaghetti sauce and frozen green pepper not used on pizza.

A Treet hash: diced and pan-fried with potatoes and onions. seasoned with garlic, and served in pita bread.

BBQ ribs with corn and baked potatoes. Baked an extra potato and made up work lunches with leftovers.

Soup and sandwich
Ham slice with broccoli and baked potatoes.

At the end of Sunday, we had a bit of ham and pasta left over. What's next? Stay tuned!

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Jackie said...

Isn't it great to cut down on waste!

God bless.