Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Food waste

One thing I've tried to do this year is cut the amount of food we waste. Not that we pitch tons, but it always seemed that something ended up in the trash each week.
So far, it's been going well ... until the last two weeks. And boy, have I fallen flat.
There were the cooked pork chops that didn't make to the fridge. Found 'em on the counter 9 hours later. (food poisoning, anyone?)
The peaches that skipped ripe and went straight to rot.
The well-refrigerated lunch meat that developed an odd smell the day after it was opened. (it was a last day of sale markdown, but still ...)
And the fresh spinach and strawberries that didn't get eaten quickly enough ... the last bits of those went into the trash, too.
Lessons learned, I suppose. Maybe I should put this poster up in my kitchen, eh?

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