Thursday, June 4, 2009

Use it up: Food edition

What's been going on at the casa de chaos:
  • I've been on a potato kick to use up the 10 pounds I'd purchased on sale. It was either cook 'em or plant em, LOL! I had read that you could peel potatoes and store them in cold water for a short time. It works!

  • We're working on the last of the frozen mulberries. The new crop is ripening, so gotta make room in the freezer.

  • I'm also working on the pantry. I used a slightly-out-of date cake mix to make cupcakes. (they baked very nicely.) Wasn't sure how to top them until I remembered a couple of half-used tubes of decorator frosting. So, I mixed blue with white (and a bit of milk to ease it along). The result: something along the lines of a blue highlighter.

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