Saturday, June 27, 2009

Self-serve blues

Let's call this a tale of aggravation and (hopefully) resolution.

During today's trip at a certain big box store, (and no, it's not THAT one.) I decided to use the self-checkout. Apparently I picked a scanner that hates coupons. I'd scan one ... nothing. Or it would beep, and the screen would switch to "associate approval needed." So I'd wave down the cashier ... which happened at least four times.

Then .. I tried to do a deal that would give me a $3 coupon for my next shopping trip. I finish the transaction .. and the little coupon spitter stays silent.

Enough ... I go to customer service .. and there's no one there. Turns out she was trying to help another customer, and was probably going to be a while.

When I got home, I called corporate, and talked to a very nice CSR who immediately called the store and put me through to the manager. The manager, who was also very nice, apologized for the system problems, and assured me that when I came back, I should look her up and she'd make sure I'd get my coupon.

So, kudos to them for responsive service .. and hopefully all will be resolved soon. But if I even think about using a self-serve terminal again, someone come slap me!

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