Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Garden report

  • The beans are sprouting, helped along by a couple of soaking rains and some warm weather. There are a couple of stragglers, so I may need to replant in a couple of spots.

  • The tomatoes are settling in, and two of the peppers have little- bitty fruits.

  • I've harvested lettuce -- more like "micro-greens." It makes a nice addition to the salads. The cilantro is ready to be picked; the basil is coming along slowly.

  • The mulberries are ripening. This is supposed to be an "off" year, when the crop isn't as heavy. There will likely be more than enough for a pie or two.

    We're having some drainage problems around the house, so I can't use my usual method for collecting rain water. This means I shall have to be more vigilant about reusing cooking water, capturing rinse water and the like ...

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