Monday, June 29, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the salvage store

Took a little road trip last week, and hit some salvage/ bulk food stores along the way. I'd had great success shopping at one before, and I was interested to see if I could repeat the deals.
Well .. a funny thing happened. As I shopped, it hit me: I'm doing better at home combining sales and coupons. A few examples:
  • Salad dressing, 99 cents. Well, no, I'd just paid 58 cents for the same brand.
  • BBQ sauce, 99 cents? Er, 19 cents at home.
  • Pasta, $1? Ah, just got the same brand for 33 cents.

Now, I admit to having an unfair advantage: I live in a city with several supermarkets and double coupons. These salvage stores were in rural areas or smaller cities. (In fact, we stopped at one supermarket to get some ice. They doubled coupons, but only on Tuesdays.) So if I lived in the area, a salvage store might well be the best deal.

And I did find some good deals: Canned tomatoes, 3/$1; bulk rice at 47 cents a pound; jelly for $1; 70 spf sunscreen for $3.55; bath soap, 5/$1; sponges, 12/$1; 1lb of coffee for $1 (Haven't made it yet, so we'll see how good a deal that was, LOL.)

So ... was it worth it? In many ways, yes. I certainly would like to visit the bulk food store again (perhaps when it isn't so crowded ;) On the other hand, it's nice to know that I don't have to travel to a specialty store to get the best deals for my family.

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