Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chicks in the city

That clucking sound coming from your neighbor's yard .. it might be a chicken farm.

An Associated Press story reports ..
As the recession drags on, city dwellers and suburbanites alike are transforming their back yards into stamp-sized poultry farms. Victory gardens, proponents say, are not enough. Chickens are the next step.

Growing interest in backyard chickens has fans rallying for change in dozens of cities, although the urban chicken movement leaves some people squawking.

Gee .. and I live in an area that doesn't allow outdoor clotheslines. Though the resident coyotes and foxes would make me think twice.

I certainly applaud anyone who's trying for self-sufficiency. But I also fear that people may get tired of caring for their chickens, or begin to find them inconvenient. Will the next story be: Animal shelters overrun with urban chickens?

Then again, perhaps there's a new career here for someone ... chicken sitter!

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