Friday, May 1, 2009

The value of DIY

If I'd ever doubted that doing it yourself can save money ...

I'd mentioned that one of the cars needs some major repairs, along with some maintenance. One thing suggested was that we replace the cabin air filter. Cost - $76!

Now these filters can be expensive .. the local auto parts stores usually charge around $35. (though they can be had elsewhere for less). But even if we'd paid $35, for a half-hour of work, we'd still be $41 ahead!

We used to send the lawnmower out for service each year. But the price kept climbing (and one place skimped on the oil). So DH learned how to service it himself. Oil and a spark plug cost about $6 total. He'd spent less than $10 on a sharpening tool that attaches to the drill.

So, less than $10 and an hour or so of time has saved us $40 to $50 a year.
And given that the poor lawnmower fell apart on the second mowing this year, I think I'd be even more annoyed if we'd paid $50-$60 bucks for servicing!

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