Sunday, May 31, 2009

Soap on a sheet?

Some corners of the blogosphere have been chatting up a new product lately: a sheet that has laundry detergent, fabric softener and an anti-static. The brand, which I won't mention, touts that you can throw it in the wash, then in the dryer along with your clothes. No fuss, no muss, no measuring needed.

Hmm. One of the supermarkets here had the product on sale: $4.99 for 20 loads. A little math shows that this comes out to about 25 cents per load.

But wait, there's more. Same store had a liquid version of the brand: $4.99 for 51 loads, or a little less than 10 cents per load.

Liquid softener (same brand) was on sale, too: $2.50 for 40 loads, or 6 cents a load.

Another store had name-brand dryer sheets: $3.69 for 70 loads, or a little over 5 cents a sheet.

So ... 25 cents per load for the 1-sheet option, compared to 16 cents if you use liquid softener or 15 cents if you use a dryer sheet. Now, if you used both, it would be 21 cents per load. (Though if you use one, do you really need the other?)

Now certainly, there are variables. If you do few loads, if you can't handle detergent jugs, if your college age kid is laundry challenged ... It also doesn't take into account using coupons ... or the idea of using half as much detergent, cutting the dryer sheet in half, etc.

This also supposes that you use a dryer, too ;)

So I guess the question is this: How much is convenience worth? Up to an extra 10 cents or so a load? For me ... I'll keep the measuring cup handy, thanks anyway.

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