Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 'Haunted' House

No, we don't have ghosts or beasties in the house. Instead, we should call this story, "The Thing That Came Out of the Ground."

Something I never realized before I had a house built: Construction guys like to bury their messes. Extra concrete? Pea gravel? Nails? Ah, just bury it all. They'll never know.

And we don't ... until things start popping out of the ground.

Early on, I watched the birds wrestle with something in the yard and thought perhaps we had darn strong worms. Nope, the bird was trying to grab a cable tie. (I hope it was for nest building, not for dinner.)

A couple of years later we were mystified as to why nothing would grow in a certain spot. DH took a shovel and started digging ... until he heard a "clunk." A bit more excavation uncovered a 3 foot wide slab of leftover concrete -- took the poor man more than a week to break it up.

The first few years of digging the garden usually brought up a can of nails and a bucket or two of gravel and rocks. The rocks were "donated" to a Little League's parking lot. (The nails were donated to the trash can.)

The nails, I think, are finally gone, though we had an encore the year of the new roof. But every year I still have to "harvest" my gravel crop before we till the garden. (They don't reproduce, do they?)

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Jackie said...

DW, in my case I keep digging up things our boys buried when young. Usually it's some toy or other nothing like your slab of concrete.

God bless.