Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gardening day

Weather permitting, there will be some heavy-duty gardening at the casa de chaos today.

At least the garden will be tilled .. how many plants will actually get into the ground depends on my back ;)

The buzz that garden centers are doing a big business this year must be true in my area: I had to visit three stores to get the tomato and pepper plants I wanted.

At the first store, the inexpensive plants were picked over. In fact, the shelves in that area were almost bare. I overheard one of the clerks say that their supplies had been going fast.

I also suspect stores have cut back on inventory. One store that usually puts up two greenhouse tents just had one. And I definitely saw fewer varieties of herbs (and not a yellow tomato plant in sight)

(I also didn't see a clearance section, though that might come later when it starts getting warmer.)

Anyway, it's time to till -- break out the ibuprofen!

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