Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dollar deals for all

Seems everyone is jumping on the dollar bandwagon these days. A USA Today story recently noted:

As cash-strapped consumers face escalating food prices, Wal-Mart, Kraft, Unilever and Campbell's are using the magical $1 price to tap into the trend of people eating and cooking more at home.

Among the marketing:

Wal-Mart: TV ads promote more than a dozen items as a "nutritious breakfast" for about $1 a person as an alternative to fast food.
•Campbell's: The soupmaker is testing a $1 price for some condensed soups at select outlets instead of the usual $1.59.

Now to be honest, the frugalista in me has to wonder: How many meals can be fixed that cost less than $1 per person or serving? (And I wonder if we'll ever see a soup coupon again if they do drop prices? IMHO, it seems that coupons for any brand have been few and far between since it became a "budget meal.")

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