Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A broth update

Thought I should mention that I finally got around to making a pot of vegetable broth.

It went well, I think. And it was nice to get the bag 'o veggie bits out of the freezer. (though I've since started another one.)

This seems to be a bit stronger smelling than the commercial variety. Considering that I threw in things like asparagus bits and cabbage leaves along with the celery, carrots and onions, I'm not surprised.

Also strained it through a cheesecloth in case there was some ... er ... dirt left on the peelings.

Tasted OK, though my younger cat, who loves all kinds of soups and broths, wasn't impressed.

Yield: 8.5 cups ... the equivalent of about 4 cans of store-bought broth.

Now to find a use for it ...


Jackie said...

I have never made vegetable broth, but give me a turkey carcass and I go to town. I made about 10 pints of turkey broth this past weekend.

God bless.

deanna said...

Use it instead of water to make rice or other grain. Use it as a base for vegetable soup or french onion soup that it lighter than usual.

Barbara said...

Do you freeze the broth afterwards, or do you use it quickly. I would like to make my own, but especially at t his time of year I'm not having soups too often (it's niney today).

DW said...


Rice! Of course! Thanks for reminding me. I had been thinking veggie soup, too, but this is good.

DW said...


The whole batch is currently sitting in my freezer in 3-cup portions. I've done this with homemade chicken broth and it's been fine, so I expect this will be too.

Yeah, at 90 degrees, I wouldn't want to cook soup or anything else...