Friday, April 3, 2009

Tax time

I've spent most of the evening dealing with the annual income tax headache ... er, computations. I'm not an early filer, mostly because we usually end up owing -- and deficit or not -- I'm not willing to cough up the $$ any earlier than I have to, LOL!

One comfort: The bill isn't near as bad as last year's.

Also on the financial front, we're looking for a new bank. Ours was sold, and the new bank's rates are well, awful. Unfortunately, switching banks has gotten more complicated, what with online bill payments and direct deposit. And this bank is very convenient.

But in my humble view, good financial stewardship means trying to get the best return on my family's savings -- even if it means some inconvenience. We work too darn hard to get the $$ and to save it. I want it working for us, too.

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