Saturday, April 11, 2009

Free paper products (maybe) and cheap broth

Check last Sunday's Smart Source (the "green" insert. I'm using a Central Indiana ad) for a coupon for a free Marcal Small Steps product. It's good on a single roll of TP, a box of facial tissue or a regular roll of paper towels.

The catch: it's only free up to $1. After that, it's $1 off.

The other catch is that you actually have to find one of the products in the correct size. I've struck out so far (just finding multi-roll packs). But hey, there are plenty more stores to check.

For those of you who have Meijer stores (again, I'm using a Central Indiana ad), there's a deal on Swanson's chicken broth. It's on sale, 3 for $2, and the 3/29 SS has a coupon for 40 cents off on 3. Since Meijer doubles coupons, it will be 80 cents off 3, for a total of 40 cents a can.

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Jackie said...

Hi DW, hope you had a wonderful holiday. Now that the grown boys are gone I hope to have my computer a bit more.

I sent for the Kashi granola bars, thanks for the heads up.

God bless.