Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, I tried

"Repair, reuse and recycle" is an excellent philosophy .. but sometimes ...

We've had one of those periods at the casa de chaos in which things are breaking. Most recently, the food processor's blade housing cracked, and the breadmaker is having some issues.

(Now admittedly, food processors and breadmakers are conveniences, not necessities. But they are kitchen conveniences we prefer to keep. )

The first though was: Hey, we'll just buy new parts and the appliances will be good as new. That one probably had the retail and manufacturing gods rolling on the floor with laughter!

Replacement blade? Nope. Heck, no one carries that brand of processor anymore.

Breadmaker parts? The manufacturer's site says, Oh, gosh, we haven't made that breadmaker for years. We don't have any parts. Now there are online stores that carry parts, but not what I need.

So, plan B. Check the thrift stores for comparable gadgets. After a month, we were empty handed. Not a food processor to be found in any of the stores we checked. (though if we weren't looking ... ) A few breadmakers, but not with comparable parts.

So, we broke down and bought a small food processor on sale. The breadmaker is still usable, so we have time to find parts or a possible replacement. We'll also hold on to the old processor, since the slicing/shredding blade is OK.

In the meantime, I'm getting an idea for a new business: buy up old breadmakers and sell the parts!

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Jackie said...

I bet you could make a fortune selling parts for kitchen appliances. I think I have the worst luck with coffee pots.

God bless.