Thursday, March 5, 2009

Use it up: Fun with pudding II

The latest use-it-up push around here has to do with emptying the freezer a bit.

Of course, my buying a 12lb ham on sale and a big bag of seafood have nothing to do with the crowded conditions in there.

So, we pulled a bag of frozen mulberries to make cobbler .. but come time to serve it, I realized we had no whipped cream, or ice cream. (and hey, at the casa de chaos, cobbler has to have some sort of topping)

So, back to the pantry, where I spied the second box of instant pudding I'd purchased by mistake. Why not?

Since it was instant, it came to a soft set within a few minutes .. made a nice topping for the cobbler. And since it was sugar-free, it's guilt free .. right?

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