Monday, March 23, 2009

The deals, they don't come easy sometimes

We needed new chair mats ... simple, right? LOL!

We'd cashed in some credit-card rebates for gift cards from a certain office supply company. Found some mats on its Web site .. on sale. Great!

Big catch: The online store doesn't take gift cards!

We'd called the nearby store and found out they price match their .com site, so we headed over there.

New problem: They didn't have the mats we wanted in stock.

But, we had a very helpful sales associate. No problem, she told us. She could order them from the Web site. At the sale price.

Er, can we use the gift cards?

Sure, she replied. You'll pay for the mats at the register.

So that's what she did. The mats arrived the next day!

How's that for a happy ending ;)

1 comment:

Jackie said...

Thats what I call service! To think that you got your mats at the price you wanted. Great deal.