Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reclaimation projects

What's been going on at the casa de chaos:

A DIY project to replace the on/off sensor in our outdoor lamp post. Cost, about $3.88 for the sensor, and maybe a case of frostbite. But it works again. When the weather gets warmer, we'll go back to a CFL bulb.

I cooked up several apples that were about to go bad. Frankly, I thought they had an odd taste (perhaps because they were stored next to green peppers?).But dousing them in cinnamon definitely improved the taste, even if cooking them didn't improve the texture.

The loofa back brush came apart. (Can't say I'm pleased about this, since I paid a decent amount of $ for it. You'd think they'd use a better grade of glue.) But, since it's made of wood, it was an easy matter to glue it back together. Now if that doesn't hold, I'm getting out the drill!

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