Monday, January 5, 2009

More reclamation projects

Recent projects at my house:

  • Got a pair of DH's pants patched and ready to use as work-around-the-house pants. (One down, three to go ... we're not going to talk about the socks I have to mend.)

  • I buy those little net bath scrubbies (otherwise known as 'those poofy things') to use with shower gel. Unfortunately, they have a bad habit of unraveling .. I end up with a 2-foot-long scrubbie! This time, when it unraveled, I folded it back up, then ran a long basting stitch down the middle. (I did it by hand, since I was using very heavy thread. Suppose you could do it by machine if you made a couple of passes.) It's not elegant, but at least it's usable!
  • One of my co-workers brought a rather large tin of butter cookies to the office. The cookies have been devoured (and I admit to eating my share). If no one is claiming the tin, I'm going to snag it. I have some extra sewing supplies that could be stored in it.
  • UPDATE: Scratch the tin. The orginal owner took it back ...

1 comment:

Jackie said...

What a good idea on repairing the bath pouf. I have the same problem with mine so I am going to give this a try.

God bless.