Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have a lot to learn, it seems

I've bought many things online over the years, and I've used coupon codes and rebate sites to my advantage. But ya know, it's never occurred to me to "stack" online coupon codes.

I had to buy ... er .... undies. And let me tell you, this hasn't been an easy process. The maker of my favorite style decided that I alone couldn't keep them in business, so they stopped making the style. And one can mend undies just so many times before they turn into raggedly lace.

So, after searching, I finally find a brand/style I like (courtesy of a freebie ... so if you're wondering, such marketing tactics do work). What I found is that stores don't carry it. And believe me, we don't want to talk about bikinis or thongs ...

So off to the manufacturer's store and my favorite rebate sites. But even with the rebate, the shipping was still the equivalent of another package of undies. So I went hunting for coupon codes. The first was a click-thru for $1.99 shipping. I lost the the rebate by doing this, but the $5 saved was well worth it. Another site offered a code for 20% off. So I entered it.

Whoot! It worked. I saved enough to cover the shipping and tax, bringing the price down to what the undies actually cost.

So I learned something, and I don't have to go round in raggedy .. well, you get the idea.

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Jackie said...

You did a great job DW. I don't think we have those kind of deals in Canada. Well we probably do, but I am by nature lazy and take the easy way out.

God bless.