Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Rolling out dough

Since the holiday baking season is upon us:

If you're rolling out pie crust, or pastry dough, If you don't have a large cutting board, or a plastic rolling sheet (I don't know if that's its real name, I just made that up ;) use a sheet of freezer paper, waxed side up. I find it's a lot sturdier than waxed paper.


Debbie said...

Wonderful idea. I'll be doing a lot of rolling in the next few weeks.

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

I cut out the size of a gallon or 2-gallon zipper bag. That way I can simply fold the bag over my dough, then peel it off for transfer to a pie plate/baking stone/skillet

DW said...

Amy, that's a great idea, too! Thanks!