Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Batteries

I've found a good use for those batteries that get pulled out of cameras, radios and the like. You know, the ones that still have some juice .. just not enough to power the original device.

Anyway, I've been using them to power my Christmas decorations .. the lighted gingerbread house, the plastic candles that sit in the window. The batteries have plenty of juice to run these low-level devices. And when they die, well, you know they've been used up!

Certainly better than breaking out new batteries, or throwing out half-used ones.


Carol said...

Yay, you! I would never have thought to do that. Thanks for the tip!

mub said...

This is a good idea! I save a couple of pairs of these to use in television remotes too since they'll usually work for a little while still there.