Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Use-it-up Chrismas

Like everyone else, I suspect (and hope), we've been trying to cut back in ways big and small this holiday. The biggest thing has been to use items we already have, rather than go out and buy new stuff.

What we haven't bought:

Wrapping paper: Last year was the first time in several years I didn't pick up a roll or two of paper at the after-Christmas sales. We still have plenty to take care of this year's gifts. (Though I may need to hit this year's post-holiday sales).

Cards: We committed to using the leftovers from the past several years. When we ran out, we dipped into our paper stock and did a few computer-made cards. Also, we expanded our use of e-cards. (at least to those we know actually look at their e-mail.) About a third of our list went electronic this year. I'm hoping to expand that next year.

Presents: Calendars are a "usual' present from us. This year's were made with the paper we had on hand and were stapled, rather than sent out for binding. Also, I used our gift pantry to provide some nice add-ons for some folks on our list.

Decorations: Yeah, well, I sort of cheated. I bought some inexpensive ornaments on vacation this year. But instead of buying new ribbons for our outdoor light fixtures, I used some that I had bought for another craft project (which I never started).
Somehow, I also managed to coax our tree lights back to life, (maybe it was just a loose bulb) saving us the expense of replacing them.

And the nicest thing -- besides saving money -- using things up gets them out of the house!

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Jackie said...

Great minds think alike. Suppers and lunches here have been leftovers from the fridge. I did have to break down and buy a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, but cards were a mixture of the remaiders of other years.

God bless.