Friday, December 5, 2008

Reclamation projects

I've been busy trying to "reclaim" a couple of items lately:

The first is a string of Southwestern-style beads I bought several years ago on vacation. Loved the necklace, but unfortunately, it broke, so it's spent the past couple of years in a drawer. I pulled it out the other day and thought, "Hey, maybe I can restring this."
So far, I've learned a couple of things:
  • Copper wire is not a good stringing medium. It's nice and stiff, but the finished product doesn't lay right.
  • Tiny beads can - and do - escape, no matter what kind of container I put them in.

I finally got smart ( I hope) and bought silk cord, complete with a threading needle, at the craft store. This should also allow me to use the original clasp, too. I'm half finished with the stringing .. we'll see how it goes.

The second item is a long-sleeve T-shirt that DH pulled out of his shirt drawer. He hasn't worn the thing forever .. it had yellowed, and there was an odd stain all over one sleeve.

So I used the trick I learned when I was selling vintage linens ... I crushed a dishwaster detergent tablet (normally, I'd use powder, but I didn't have any), dissolved it in a bucket of hot water and put the shirt in to soak.

I've found that dishwasher detergent does a great job of whitening fabric and removing set-in stains, so I have high hopes for the shirt. We'll see how that goes, too.


Jackie said...

DW, does the dishwasher powder work on yellow underarm stains? DH just pulled a bundh of winter wear out of storage (he puts his own things away now) and they are yellowed under the arms. I have tried other methods but can't seem to get it out.

God bless.

DW said...

I'd definitely give it a try ... it probably would work for lighter stains. Though I know that when those stains get set in, they're impossible to get out...