Thursday, December 18, 2008

Adventures in Cooking

We haven't gotten the hang of this slow cooker thing yet ...

We recently tried a very nice pork stew recipe. Followed directions (Well, sort of. Instead of parsnips, we used turnips and rutabaga and sweet potatoes.) Loaded up the cooker with meat and veggies and turned it on.

Unfortunately, our cooker was smaller than what the recipe had intended. ... I walked into the kitchen to find that the liquid had overflowed the cooker and was dripping onto the counter. I ladled out some of the broth, which helped ... for a while.

After about the third ladling session, we realized that this wasn't going to work. So the stew was transferred to a dutch oven and finished on the stove. It still tasted pretty good. And we learned an important lesson: Don't overload the cooker, LOL!

The recipe:

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