Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Trash bags

I live in a community that doesn't mandate the type of bags we can use for trash. And while I do buy 13-gallon bags to hold garbage, when it comes to things like paper and non-recyclables, I've learned to be creative.
So here's what passes as a trash bag at my house:
  • 25lb paper sacks from cat litter and cat food. (these are very good for yard waste).
  • Large plastic bags from mulch, top soil, etc.
  • Large shopping bags (the bags used for big or multiple items at stores)
  • Plastic bags from the multipacks of TP, paper towels. (these aren't the strongest, so I save them for lighter materials.)
  • Dry cleaning bags. (I use my meal sealer to put a seam across the area where the hanger goes. The result is a bag strong enough to hold a pile of leaves)

We make sure any bag we use can be twist-tied or sealed up somehow. And with paper bags, we take special care during rainy weather...

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