Saturday, November 8, 2008

My mouth hurts: Let's talk!

I'm a bit sore from the poking and prodding and the numbing shots that came with getting a temporary crown. I may have skated by the root canal, but I got nailed for the $100 visit that my $$%! # dental insurance won't pay for...

Odds and ends:
When the Wall Street Journal talks about folks turning to private-label and store brands, you know something is up... from a recent story:
  • Still, about 40 percent of primary household shoppers said they started buying store-brand paper products because “they are cheaper than national brands,”
  • Sales of private-label detergent rose 12 percent over the 52-weeks ended Sept. 6.
  • Meanwhile, private-label versions of soap and other bath products are up 23 percent in the 52-weeks ended Sept. 6, to $168 million, according to Nielsen Co. Private-label versions of skin-care items are up 16 percent to $182 million during the same period.

I'm certainly a big fan of store brand stuff; we have a family joke about the "Meijer Christmas Dinner." I do have to wonder if this is good news for us who play the coupons/sales/rebates game. Could a drop in name-brand purchases bring more sales, or maybe more and better coupons?

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