Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're on the sauce

Went to a friend's house over the weekend to help her can homemade applesauce. Since I'm a very novice canner, this was a good chance to learn some things.
We also did a bit of research to figure out just why my attempt at jelly making fell flat ( I got a lovely sauce, but I wanted jelly!)

In terms of frugal .. I don't know if buying produce to can, freeze, etc, is that big a cost savings (unless you get a good deal). On the other hand, we know what's in this sauce: and it does taste different than commercially made applesauce.

And hey, I got a chance to catch up with a good friend I don't get to see too often. So it was well worth it.

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Jackie said...

Hi LWolfT glad you stopped by my blog. I have missed you and many of the others.

Now that I know you are blogging to I plan to drop more often.

I did applesauce last year and still have some in the freezer. I need to use it a bit more often.

Catching up with an old friend is priceless.