Sunday, October 5, 2008

Use it up: Fun with tortillas

Been working on ways to use up the bits of leftovers that have taken residence in the fridge.
After a batch of Mexican Lasagne, I had several leftover tortillas and a chunk of pepper jack cheese. So, lunch was ham & cheese quesadillas, made with garden tomatoes and my free deli ham.
I didn't have any plain sour cream to serve with it, so I used the ranch veggie dip I got from the neighborhood cookout. (that nicely took the edge off the pepper jack.)
I still have a few tortillas left to use ... and DH just made a batch of his chili. Think I'll just use some of that to make a chili burrito or two .. and use up the leftover rice in the process.
Do you have any tricks for using up leftover food?

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