Friday, October 17, 2008

Mr. Pumpkin Must Die

One of the fall rituals here at Casa de Chaos is the annual Dismembering of the Pumpkin.
We don't do the jack-o-lantern thing, (Well, actually, I do have a jack-o-lantern: he's made of foam and has a a nightlight in his gut.) but I do like having a pumpkin as part of the outside Halloween decorations.

I just can't see chucking all those potential pumpkin breads and pies into the trash. So after Halloween, we'll carve up our squashy friend and turn him into puree and roasted chunks.

I've read stories and blogs that say jack-o-lantern pumpkins aren't good for eating, and darned if I can figure out why. It's perfectly tasty. Two things to remember, though: The fruit is brownish-orange, not the deep orange of canned pumpkin. It's also a bit more watery, so I always make sure to drain it thoroughly before we make pie .. or soup.... or bread .. or whatever.

This year, the supermarket was having a sale, so we have two pumpkins to chop up. Last year I lucked out when the market decided to give away its surplus pumpkins after the holiday.

At least in my slice of the Midwest, pumpkins aren't taxed. Last year, there was a big flap in Iowa when the tax folks decided that since most pumpkins were used for decoration, they weren't food. So pumpkin buyers had to pay the state's sales tax. The gov finally stepped in and "squashed" the tax...

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