Monday, October 13, 2008

Got the coupon blues

I've been reading about the free Lindt chocolate deal available at WAGS .. as I understand it, you combine a couple of coupons from the Sunday paper and a WAGS Easy Saver coupon and get 2 bars free.
Sounded like a good deal, so off I went in search of the Sunday coupons. No luck.
Maybe the date is wrong? So I check a coupon database and discover that the particular coupons were never available in my state.
Drat. It happens (and it's happened to me more than once). Coupons (and their amounts) are tailored to different regions. And since we folks in the blogging community come from all over .. it's only natural that we'll hear about deals we can't take advantage of.
So, best I can suggest is to find a site with a good coupon database, and when you come upon a coupon deal, use it to see if the coupon was available in your area.

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Jackie said...

Seems as if my area never gets really good coupons, or if we do I never find them

The Dollar store was going out of business here about a month ago and when they reached 90% off I ran in to pick up all the silk flowers that they had left. The wreath is made of those flowers smooched really close together.It did not take long to do, but I have a few burn marks on my fingers from the darn glue gun.

God bless.