Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall activities

Our weekend plans include a visit to a local art fair. One of the nice things about fall, at least from a frugal standpoint, is that there are plenty of free or low cost activities. Some suggestions:

  • Check your local daily or weekly newspapers for a list of festivals in your area. In my corner of the Midwest, there's usually something going on every fall weekend either in my city, or a nearby one. (There's lots of festivals around the state, but let's face it, $3-plus gas does put a damper on travel.)

  • Do you have high schools or colleges in your area? I've been checking the calendars of the area colleges for free/low cost performing arts events. Also, most of my area's colleges have football (one only charges $5 for admission), so we can take in the occasional Saturday afternoon game without breaking the bank.

  • Take a walk. Do you have parks or walking trails? That's a great way to check out the turning leaves and get some exercise at the same time. Just don't forget to wear the proper shoes and take along some water.

What do you like to do during the fall?

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