Saturday, September 20, 2008

Campbell's labels

If you shop at Kroger or its related stores, head on over to to register your shopper's card to participate in an electronic version of Campbell's Labels for Education.
How it works: When you buy any of the Campbell's Labels items at Kroger, the school - or schools - you choose automatically gets 1 point for every item purchased. (that doesn't mean you shouldn't clip labels, though)
I'm a bit puzzled as to what schools are included on this list. I tried to choose a school in a different city than mine -- it wasn't listed, though several other schools in the city were. And I'm positive this school participates in the regular program. Then I tried the elementary school in my neighborhood -- no luck there, either, even though other schools in the district were listed.
I did finally pick a couple of schools ... I'll keep an eye out to see if my first choices ever make the list.

Thanks to Saving Our Cents for the heads-up

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