Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rabbit stew, anyone?

I'm feeling Elmer Fuddish today ... there's a rabbit out there that's made my hit list.

Normally, I don't mind living in bunnyland (neither do the family of coyotes that live behind the neighborhood, but that's another story). But not when the little #%&!!! raid my garden.

I checked on my garden the other day to find that one of the cottontails had breached the fence and chewed the top off my best-producing bell pepper plant. And left a .. er ... calling card. Apparently, he'd heard that peppers are nearly a buck each at the grocery.

So I pull out my supply of onion bags and proceed to net all 6 plants. The next day, I discover that the net had protected the leaves .. but now the little beast had chewed into the biggest pepper!

Looks like I'm going to have to pull out the rest of the chicken wire and create cages for my plants ... after I douse them with some red pepper. (which seemed to work last year when they developed a taste for my geraniums. )
If that doesn't work ... well ... rabbit stew sounds pretty good.

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