Friday, February 27, 2015

Salvage store!

  Made a great discovery ... there's a salvage/bent&dent type store in my city!.
  Yeah, I really should get a hobby.  But this is good news because the nearest salvage store
 is about a two hour drive away.
    So, off we went.

    It's a medium-size store ... apparently it is owned by the folks who also own a local restaurant, which explains the industrial-size prepared foods in the freezers.  They offered a number of gluten-free and organic items, too. I bought some vegan cheese ... which is interesting ...
        As for the rest ... many of the items came from the supermarket chain that has several locations in town. Unfortunately, I saw many of the same items that I'd purchased recently ... on sale ... at the store.

      The best deals ended up being snack-type items.  We bought several bags of chips ... most will go into DH's work lunches, along with a few other snacks, plus a large box of dryer sheets.   (I noticed the same thing in my last round of shopping ... snacks, prepared cereals and the like  were going at rock-bottom prices, while the "real food" prices were pretty close to retail.)

     But, like any salvage store, the bargains change frequently.  So it's definitely worth an occasional visit. 


Monday, February 23, 2015

A bit of stretching

I've noticed that both chicken and pork prices are edging downward here. (As for beef, meh ...)  But that doesn't mean we stop stretching.  
 So a large chicken breast (cut in half and baked ahead of time) becomes the basis for a nice big pot of chicken and rice. 
Made enough for two meals, plus some work lunches.  (And the spice was very warming on a cold, cold day.)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More fun with K-cups

     Was digging through the pantry the other night, and came across another K-cup -- this one with tea. 

     So I dumped it into a coffee filter (which I stapled shut) and popped it into a teapot of hot water to steep.

     Turned out quite well.  I had a couple of cuppas ... and had enough left over for a couple of glasses of iced tea with lunch.   Not a bad stretch for a single-use produce.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Using it up

    We'd just about gone through our last can of coffee from the stash, and I'd put it on the grocery list. Then I remembered:  I had another stash of coffee.

    This stash was several packages of K-cups that I'd bought back when I took coffee to work to use in the office machine.   Well, I don't have an office, and DH's office uses another type of coffee pod.  And I'm not planning on buying a machine anytime soon ... 

     So I've been dismantling K-cups for use in our drip coffeemaker.  To be honest, it bothers me to see the "cups" go to waste (though it bothered me at work, too).  But it's silly to buy coffee when I have a supply just sitting around. 

    I'm sure, should I ever need to buy them again, that I can find plenty of reasonably priced K-cups somewhere ... meanwhile, I'm enjoying my morning coffee.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Things that make you go ... hmm

  I know there are all sorts of reasons for this ...

   I just find it interesting that a bunch of celery could cost $1.99 two weeks ago, but a week later go on sale at the same store for $1.   Then the next week, go on sale at a different store for 69 cents.  

   And yes, we'll be eating lots of celery ....

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sometimes, you have to upgrade a bit

   I like to use the dollar store for many of our personal care and cleaning items.  Most of the time, the quality is good ... or at least good enough ;)  But lately we've had a couple of issues.

    I used to buy the 10-pack of scrubby sponges for hand-washing dishes.  Then it went down to an 8-pack, then to a 6-pack.  Anyway, the other dishwasher in the house noted that the sponges were falling apart (and literally going flat) after one or two rounds of dishes.  Rather aggravating.  So I bought Aldi's sponges ... a 3-pack for $1.29.  After a couple of weeks of use, the scrubby part is showing  wear, but the sponge is still holding up. 

    Also was buying the large cans of shaving cream. Unfortunately, in the most recent cans, the lather was a bit "runny" instead of thick ... made it hard to shave.  I bought a can of a store-brand shave cream. (It was on sale, but is normally $1.29 ... is there a pattern here?)  Much better.   I also discovered that another store sells a name-brand for around $1, so that may be another fallback.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bathroom hacks

  Thought I'd share some of  the "repurposing" that goes on in our bathrooms here at the Casa de Chaos:

Toothbrush holder.  I got tired of cleaning the mold fest out of the bottom of the traditional holder, so I now use a small plastic container that once held cotton swabs.  Not that it doesn't get nasty, but at least I can see it ,,, and do something about it.

Hand sanitizer:  I bought the industrial size jug of this a while back.  To make life a bit easier, I decant it into some repurposed pump hand soap containers.

Bathroom glass:  When we go out to eat, I tend to order water.  Sometimes, the water comes in a nice plastic or foam glass.  Too nice to throw out at the end of the meal.  So I take it home, give it a wash and use it at the bathroom sink.  When it gets gunky, I can recycle it with a clear conscience.

What do you do at your house?